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Helper Girl Amber is the newest member of the Rooney and Moon Morning Showgram.  For reasons that are still unclear, she was dying to do a workout video (can you taste the sarcasm)!  So, being the gentle souls they are, Rooney and Moon let her give it a shot.  It went down hill from there.  LOL.  Enjoy!


We found this story about a lady that was arrested in Norway, for smuggling a flat screen between her thighs.  No, seriously.  Here's the actual story:

THIEF HID 42-INCH TV UNDER HER SKIRT: A woman in Norway was arrested after she stole a 42-inch color TV by hiding it under her skirt. Police said the woman had the widescreen TV clasped between her thighs as she made her way out of the store and over to a nearby bus stop. The woman reportedly told authorities that she had "very strong thigh muscles." An Oslo police officer said, "We wondered at first if this was impossible but then we tried it at the station with female officers. It is hard -- but not impossible." 
So, of course, the next logical thing to do was to create, "Rooney and Moon's Thigh Smugglin' Olympics".  It was a contest to see who had the toughest thighs on the morning show:  Rooney, Moon, or Casey.  The winner may surprise you!  Here's a video (NBC style) of the "Thigh Smugglin' Olympics".
15 Most Misspelled Words
According to the experts at Oxford Dictionaries, YourDictionary.com, and Spellchecker.net
  1. A lot. That's right, it's two words.
  2. A while. Again, two words.
  3. Believe. This one follows the old "I before E except after C" rule.
  4. Congratulations. It's easier to remember to use a "t" (instead of a "d") if you just say "Congrats!"
  5. Embarrass. The word is long enough for two sets of double letters ("rr" and "ss").
  6. Fiery. The "e" from "fire" hides inside when things get hot.
  7. Grateful. There's no "great" in "grateful."
  8. Its. Like "his," "hers" and "ours," this possessive doesn't have an apostrophe.
  9. It's. If you mean to say "it is," use an apostrophe to join the two words together.
  10. Lose. Lose the extra "o."
  11. Misspell. Mis + spell.
  12. Principal. The head of the school is your pal.
  13. Receipt. The "except" part of the "I before E except after C" rule.
  14. Separate. The two "e"s are separated by two "a"s.
  15. Weird. Remember that "I before E except after C" rule? This word breaks it.

TOP REASONS WE START LOSING WEIGHT: Seeing an unflattering photo is the most common reason for starting to lose weight. The surprise leads to impressive results, however, with women dieting after seeing an unattractive picture losing 14 pounds on average. Other popular reasons for starting a diet included struggling to fit into clothes and catching sight of a reflection in a shop window.
1. Being shocked at how big you look in a photograph
2. Catching a glimpse of yourself in a shop window or mirror
3. Realising you couldn't fit into a favorite pair of jeans
4. Finding you have to buy a bigger dress size
5. Looking through old photos and seeing how much weight you have put on since
6. Preparing for a holiday abroad
7. Feeling self-conscious when swimming
8. Attending a wedding
9. A good friend loses weight and looks amazing
10. Attending a special party
11. Preparing for your own wedding
12. Realizing you are the fattest person in the office
13. Being asked if you are pregnant
14. Your sex life has dwindled
15. A partner loses weight and you're the only fat one
16. Getting back into the dating game after being dumped
17. Being cheated on
18. Envying a sibling who has lost weight
19. Starting a new job
20. Suspecting a partner is having an affair


Rooney and Moon spent a bunch of time on the radio showgroom putting together their "Family Fun Movie Guide".  It all started with Rooney watching "League Of Their Own" with his kids and Moon watching the first "Men in Black" with his kids.  The question became, what movie from "back in the day" should you make time to watch with your kiddos.  From your answers, we compiled this rather detailed list.  Feel free to print it out and start checking off the movies one by one!  You can get the full list here...

Taylor Swift sent flowers and a personal note to the family of a fallen Marine who idolized the singer. She learned about Sergeant Wade Wilson's admiration for her and his untimely death via a youtube video created just for her by one of Wade's friends.

Here's the video, as recorded by Corporal Josh Marreel.  Heads up, there's one NSFW word in here:

Taylor's note reads, "Wade, thank you for loving my music. I won't forget it and I will never forget you. All my love, Taylor Swift."
Gossipcop.com reports that Taylor also placed a phone call to Wade's family to ask if she could wear his dog tags in her next music video as a way to pay tribute.


What does the inventor of Twinkies say inspired the name of the popular snack-cakes?
A: James Alexander Dewar invented Twinkies. He said he came up with the name when he saw a billboard in St. Louis for "Twinkle Toe Shoes."

Why does the Hostess CupCake have a now iconic white squiggle of icing across the top?
A: In 1950 the white squiggle of icing was added to the Hostess CupCake to distinguish it from other brands.