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Local Business Seeking Help for Reopening

New Mexico’s favorite restaurants, bars, and hotels are now more than ever, in the need of your help. Their employees, families, and suppliers are struggling like no other industry. Unlike other businesses, bars and restaurants still cannot allow customers indoors for an extended time. In a recent survey, 52% of restaurants say it is unlikely their restaurant will still be in business six months from now.

Please join them in asking the NM Legislature and Governor to help save what is left of these precious industries, and consider the people who live and work to serve.

The NM Legislature is now in session. Local business owners need your help to get the NM Legislature to take action and stop leaving us out in the cold. Please take a minute to send this message and share it with every person you know (your employees, even the ones who are on unemployment, your vendors, your CPA’s, your friends, and family), so they can take action as well. If we don’t get the help, we will not be here to serve when the closures end.

The link below will take you to write your own letter to the legislature and Governor to help save restaurants.

https://p2a.co/ggfIKQi (link can also be found at yournewsnm.com)